Helpful resources to manage COVID-19 stress

Now more than ever is a time for us to slow down, learn how to embrace uncertainty, and add in a big ole' heap of grace, faith, kindness and gratitude. As Brené Brown, one of my favorite authors and speakers reminds us, this is the first time for many of us to face something like this, and it's vital we...[ read more ]

Embracing #Adulting

#Adulting, the term coined by social media and amidst the chatter of young adults that depicts the apparent horrors of "growing up," or that thing that happens when you transition to a certain age, and suddenly your life is consumed by responsibilities, little sleep, bills, and deadlines. This is also a land where play, fun, vitality, hope, and socializing are somehow non-existent and in direct conflict...[ read more ]


That irritating, condescending voice in the background of your thoughts, questioning your every move and decisions. “Are you really going to wear that out?” “Are you sure you are smart enough to do well on this?” “Do you actually think they like you?” Thoughts like these that pretend to help you be your best or protect you in some way,...[ read more ]